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Meet the new guy at The Crow's Nest!

Well hello there.

My name's Mike, and I'm the new guy here at The Crow's Nest. Thought I'd take a few minutes to introduce myself.

I was one of the first local artists to join the collective way back when it first opened in its old location in Sunrise Square.

Back then I was making big, bright, vibrant abstract expressionist acrylic paintings, which I still do periodically, but over the past five years or so I've gotten more and more into woodworking. In fact, I've gotten so into woodworking that I started a woodworking YouTube channel a few years ago where I show my process of making stuff in my shop (including the plethora of mistakes I make) and even host a weekly live show where I talk about woodworking and often turn something on my lathe.

I'm also a photographer, videographer, occasional podcaster, musician, and I have two post-secondary degrees in using the English language: one in rhetoric and creative writing and another in journalism.

I also like golf, even though it clearly doesn't like ME very much, based on how it treats me. Golf is a jerk.

Anyway, my position here at the Collective is "Public Outreach and Events Manager," so I'll be the one to talk to if you're interested in bringing any of our wonderful programming off-site.

Whether it's a paint or pottery night at your home, office, business or back yard, or you'd like us to send a teacher to your classroom, or you'd like to have an artist doing their thing at your block party, I'm the guy to talk to.

In fact, whatever you can come up with that involves art, we can probably figure out a way to help you make it happen.

You can find me here at the Collective from opening until closing, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Stop by and have a chat.

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