Beginners Alcohol ink on tile 
with Jewel Buhay
August 9th 

Follow  along with Jewel Buhay and learn how to create beautiful works of art on ceramic tile with alcohol ink. Step by step instruction in this 4 hour class teaches the basic techniques using alcohol ink. Leave with 2 finished pieces on tile , a robins nest and an orca .

Supplies required:Compressed air can (available at dollarama)

The studio has been adjusted to address all safety concerns related to COVID-19. There is a limited amount of students accepted in to each course to allow for plenty of space, the class room is fully cleaned after each class, and there are gloves, masks and sanitizers available at each station should should you like to use them. Bathrooms are also cleaned daily and soap available at every sink.

Alcohol ink on tile Orca and Nest August 9th