Beginners Paverpol : figures November 29th
  • Beginners Paverpol : figures November 29th

    Beginners Paverpol
    November 29th 
    $195 all supplies included 
    In this workshop you will create a sitting or standing figure 12”-14” tall suitable for indoor or outdoor display.
    You will learn about the materials, skill and techniques required to:
    • Construct a wire Framework
    • Achieve Body Proportion and Posing
    • Body Wrap using fabric strips dipped in the Paverpol® medium
    • Shape the Body using tinfoil
    • Select the Finishing Material for effect
    • Apply Finishing Applications
    o Dry Brush Paint
    o Character Enhancement tips and tricks
    Dress: Wear old clothing suitable for crafts. (Note: Paverpol® is not removeable from clothing or shoes)
    Supplies: Everything is provided. Option: if you have an old candle holder 6-8” tall with a 2” base to bring along, you may use this for your sitting figure. Old jewelry or doilies for embellishment can be used. 
    Inspired Creations and Pam Haugan are registered with Paverpol Canada and Paverpol International as authorised Paverpol®Instructors
    Ó Inspired Creations 2020