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Epoxy resin liquid crystal kit 8 oz
  • Epoxy resin liquid crystal kit 8 oz

    mium Liquid Crystal Clear Epoxy Kit: Perfect for See-thru encapsulations, tabletops, wood finishes, bars, mold filling, or anything you envision. Easy 1:1 ratio.

    Winning Formula: Our custom tried-and-tested formula ensures minimal bubbles and eliminates fisheyes, craters, and other common imperfections. It is self-leveling so that materials combine easily.

    Crystal Clear: Cures crystal-clear and diamond-strong, with a high-gloss finish. Our scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing formula will ensure a professional final result without much work.

    Includes: 1 8oz bottle of epoxy resin, 1 8oz bottle of epoxy hardener, 4 measuring cups, 4 wooden stirrers, 1 pair of disposable gloves, a simplified guide with clear step-by-step instructions.

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