Free art demo days!

Free art demo days!

Free art Demo Days At The Crow’s Nest 
Saturday’s at 10am 
Spaces limited 
Preregistration required

The Crow’s Nest now carries art supplies and we’re so excited to show you all about our favourite products and everything you can do with them. Our free demo days are designed to help artists make decisions about art materials so questions are welcome . All demos allow for product testing.

January 2nd : All about Brushes 
Curious about all those brushes? Which ones to choose and for what? This demo will walk you through the different types and what they work best for.

January 9th: Watercolours tubes vs pans
Learn the benefits and differences between watercolour tubes and pans as well as student and artist grade paints . 

January 16th : how to stretch a canvas
Stretching your own canvas can be a cost effective alternative to pre-stretched canvas . Learning to stretch canvas is a valuable to all artists, and we’ll walk you through the whole process!

January 30th : Gold Leaf Mixed media
Gold leaf is such a fun product to work with. From gilding your own sculptures to crafts and mixed media, you can bring luminance to any project!
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