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Golden Absorbent Ground
  • Golden Absorbent Ground

    Golden Absorbent Ground
    WHite, 100% acrylic, highly absorbent, soft, flexible ground.  Multiple coats, increase absorbency and opacity.  
    Absorbent Ground is a fluid acrylic medium that dries to a porous, paper-like surface. Applied over gessoed canvas, it facilitates raw canvas-like staining and watercolor effects. Lightfast, permanent and flexible. This is a Health Labeled (HL) Product, and not for use by children.
    Directions: maybe send with up to 25% water to improve Leveling. Allow layers to dry completely before each coat. Surface can be protected with Medium. Apply above 49�F/9�C. Always test for your application. Clean with soap and water.
    Opaque acrylic primer for water media
    #3555-5 / Series D
    8fl.oz. / 237ml
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