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Golden Clear Granular Gel
  • Golden Clear Granular Gel

    Golden Clear Granular Gel
    100% acrylic medium, dries to an extremely rough crushed glass appearance.
    Clear Granular Gel is made with granular acrylic solids and has excellent clarity and du?ra?bil?i?ty with a coarse texture that dries translucent. Clear Granular Gel can extend paint and add texture without altering color.
    Directions: Use alone or blend with Gels, Mediums, and Colours.  Best applied with palette knife or trowel.Play above 49�F/9�C. Always test for your application. Clean with soap and water.
    Gloss acrylic gel with coarse acrylic granules
    #3215-5 / Series E
    8fl.oz. / 237ml
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