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Golden Coarse Molding Paste
  • Golden Coarse Molding Paste

    Golden Coarse Molding Paste
    100% acrylic, off-white, semi-opaque medium for building texture.  Retains toolmarks and peaks.
    Coarse Molding Paste - thick, warm white colored medium, translucent up to about 1/8 inch thickness. Dries to a hard, stiff but flexible film with a tooth like fine sandpaper. Accepts wet and dry media very well. Mix with Fluid or Heavy Body Acrylics to create dense paint that holds good peaks and dries matte to satin with a finely pebbled surface.
    Directions: use a loan or blend with Acrylic Mediums Hwy Colours. Skim with wet palette knife for smooth surface. Apply above 49�F/9�C. Always test your application. Clean with soap and water.
    Opaque Acrylic Medium w/ Sandy texture
    #3572-5 / Series B
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