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Golden Crackle Paste
  • Golden Crackle Paste

    Golden Crackle Paste
    100% acrylic opaque medium that develops a cracked texture.  Can be used as a ground.  Crack size increases with thicker application.
    Crackle Paste is a thick, opaque material that cracks as it dries. The size and extent of the cracking pattern depends on the thickness of application, and environmental conditions during drying and other factors. Dries to an opaque, matte finish, with an absorbent surface suitable for acrylic paints and mediums.
    Directions: Apply to primed rigid supports; minimum 1/16? (1.6 mm) thickness.  Allow three or more days for curing and cracking.  Creates fragile surface; coat with an acrylic fluid medium or paint for more durability. Apply between 65� to 75�F/18� to 24�C and 50% to 75% RH.  Can be tinted with up to 10% acrylic colour.  DO NOT force dry or add retarder.  Always test for your application.  Clean with soap and water. 
    White opaque medium that cracks as it dries.
    #3557-5/Series C
    8fl.oz. / 237ml
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