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Golden Light Molding Paste
  • Golden Light Molding Paste

    Golden Light Molding Paste
    100% acrylic opaque medium offers dramatic weight reduction when building thick layers of acrylic.  Dries to a soft, flexible, matte,absorbents surface for colour washes.  Retains toolmarks and peaks.
    Light Molding Paste - Over 50% lighter than GOLDEN Molding Paste. This dramatic weight reduction is beneficial in creating large artworks and thick layers of material. Light Molding Paste dries to an opaque, matte finish with good flexibility. It is designed to hold stiff peaks for highly textured surfaces and it blends easily with colors.
    Directions: use a loan or blend with Acrylic and Mediums or Colours. Skim with wet palette knife for smooth surface. Apply about 49�F/9�C. Always test for your application. Clean with soap and water.
    Opaque, lightweight, acrylic texture medium
    #3575-5/Series B
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