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Golden Regular Gel Matte
  • Golden Regular Gel Matte

    Golden regular gel Matt 
    100% acrylic medium ideal for extending colors, altering sheen, increasing translucency, and adhering collages. Consistency similar to heavy body paints. Dries to a wax-lake finish. 
    Regular Gels have the same viscosity as Heavy Body Acrylic Colors and are ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency without changing consistency. Useful for impasto. 
    Directions: use alone or blend with acrylic Mediums, colours and water. Many supports contain materials that can discolour gels. We recommend sealing supports with GAC 100 were gloss medium. Play above 49�F/9�C. Always test for application. Clean with soap and water.
    Matte Heavy Body Acrylic Medium
    # 3030-5
    8fl. oz. / 237 ml
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