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Seaside Botanicals- Vintage Candy Dish Botanical Candle- Seaside Blue
  • Seaside Botanicals- Vintage Candy Dish Botanical Candle- Seaside Blue

    One of a kind botanical candles created by Seaside Botanicals, are loaded with unique beach finds, and topped with a complementary colored crystal. 
    Each candle is carefully hand poured, and decorated. 
    Don't forget to search for a hidden treasure located at the bottom of your candle!
    It is suggested that you remove all shells before lighting this candle. 
    Message from the creator:
    These aren't your grandma?s candles!
    These are Botanical Candles: meaning that they are going to light on fire, and produce a large flame (that?s part of the fun!)
    Sometimes pieces will fall depending on how the botanicals are positioned, so please be mindful of basic fire precautions while burning.
    Make sure that you have a clear area to burn -away from curtains and other possible fire hazards, or better yet: take it out of the house?
    I like to burn mine outside on the patio table ?campfire style".
    The idea originated around creating an experience, rather than just lighting a candle for the scent, and walking away.
    This candle should be used when you can dedicate the time to tend to it, much like a camp fire.
    Sit back, relax, watch the fire, and enjoy.
    Never leave candles unattended."
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