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Sunny Days | Iced Tea Blend
  • Sunny Days | Iced Tea Blend

    Welcome to the sunny side with this perfect, little medley of mellow honey bush, peppy mint and citrus zip. Served best with a full jug of ice cubes and a few friends.


    Iced Tea Brewing Instructions;

    Hot Method

    * Steep 4 tsp in ½ cup water

    * Sweeten while hot (optional)

    * Pour over ice

    * Garnish with citrus slice or fresh mint

    Cold Steep

    * Use 2 tsp of tea per cup of water

    * Place in the fridge to steep 4+ hours

    (I like to use a mason jar and then strain into cup after)

    TIPS :

    Cold steep before you go to bed and its ready in the morning!

    For larger quantities (cold brew), use 1.5 tbsp. of tea per liter of water

    To make Simple Syrup for sweetener, use 1 cup sugar/ 1 cup water and heat in a pan until sugar dissolves and let cool.

    Make a cocktail by following the hot steep method, shake over ice and add 2 oz of your favorite spirit.

    Try freezing popsicles for kids!

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