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Nadia’s Favourite Brushes

I only carry supplies I really love at The Crow’s Nest and ones I would suggest to my student.

Heinz Jordan Synthetic Kolinsky are by far my most favourite brushes for watercolour. Here’s a little information about them. Series 172 HJ Synthetic Kolinsky

It’s not the same synthetic you’ve seen before nor is it Kolinsky, but a new brand and a new idea born from the crossover of 60-plus years of brush craftsmanship and a newly developed technologically superior fiber. Our environmentally friendly brushes come with stable quality and from sustainable materials providing a perfect tool enabling faultless artistic expression. The ideal watercolor brush having the right balance of water absorption and pigment release with a finer pointed tip, providing superior flexibility, ease of control and the smoothest stroke. The HJ Synthetic Kolinsky brushes withstood extensive testing without splitting, bending and shedding which are common problems with natural hairs.

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