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Art Creation Acrylic Paint- 12ml×12
  • Art Creation Acrylic Paint- 12ml×12

    Talens Art Creation acrylic colour is a reliable quality acrylic paint based on acrylic resin. The paint has a pasty consistency, dries quickly and has a silky gloss when dry. These acrylic colours can be used both straight from the tube and thinned with water and is waterproof when dry. The colours are easy to mix with one another and easy to use due to their dosing cap. This versatile paint can be used on almost any surface, as long as it is somewhat absorbent and free of grease and dust. From canvas and paper to plaster, board, wood, stone and cement. Since the tubes are transparent, you can easily pick the colour you want to use while painting. This acrylic colour set of 12 x 75 ml tubes offers a great basic palette of colours to create various paintings with. These bigger tubes of common colours are great to have in your collection!

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