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Beach Comber Observation Notebook
  • Beach Comber Observation Notebook

    About 71% of our Earth is covered in water! From ocean, lakes, rivers, and ponds - there fascinating creatures and natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. And with our BEACH COMBER Observation Notebook, you can explore it all!

    This amazing booklet contains 36 pages of observation prompts to help you record your findings. 🌊 Ideal for rivers, ponds, lake, or ocean adventures! Whether you're looking for bugs, birds, or anything in between, you're sure to find something interesting. It's the perfect way to get nature lovers of all ages excited about the great outdoors.

    * Booklet measures 4.25 x 6"

    * 40 pages of prompts plus bonus activities and reference pages (beach bingo, anatomy of a wave, water safety tips and more!)

    * Ruler measurements in inches and centimetres printed on back cover

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your BEACH COMBER Observation Notebook and start exploring today!

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